What is OnePlus1?

OnePlus1 is an advertising network. The company provides an avenue for advertisers to market their products and drivers to earn extra income.

How long are the contracts?

The contract lasts until the marketing campaign comes to an end. It can last anywhere from 1 to 24 months.

How are the ads removed if I am finished?

The company local affiliated vehicle wrapping locations will remove the advertisements. This will restore vehicles to previous states.

Are there limits to area's I can drive?

There are some limits. Owners will only be paid for driving within their surrounding counties. Visit OnePlus1.com for local restrictions.

What if I have been banned?

If you have been banned, you can no longer drive with the company.

What happens if my vehicle is in an accident?

In the case of a car accident, notify insurance carrier of vehicle owner for assistance. OnePlus1 is not responsible for vehicle insurance matters. Notify OnePlus1 immediately after notifying your local authorities.

What happens if my friends copy the ad on their cars?

Brands contracted to OnePlus1 are exclusive rights! Any copy of ads not under exclusive rights contract with brands is violation of copy rights and trademarks laws, subject to penalties under local applicable infringement laws.

How do I refer a friend and collect the bonus?

Refer someone and have then enter the email address of the referral source. Credit is in next pay check.

How does OnePlus1 work?

The company has a revolutionary approach to wrapping brand advertisements just to the rooftop surface of private car owners! Sign up at our website, visit a local install location to have ad installed in minutes to get paid weekly. Owners are to drive normally and get paid to drive per mile, hour, or both; in special locations, at events, or during on/off peak hours. Software tracks where owner vehicles traveled under contract and duration. This innovative approach keeps vehicles both personally private and professionally business; the best of both worlds.

How do I join OnePlus1?

It’s simple to join, sign up using the app downloaded from Apple Store or Google Plus. Visit OnePlus1.com and sign up for a free account!

Roof advertising pays?

OnePlus1 paying model is the same found in other businesses like the taxi industry. Drivers get paid per mile at a set rate that depends if it is on peak or off peak hours. Drivers can also be paid by the hour or by both methods. The amounts paid depends on the particular brands carried, the time of the year, month, the location driven and if it’s a special event. Please check the website regularly to find out the exact pay structure as it varies state to state. On average drivers can earn upwards of $125 per week.

How do I get paid?

Payments are paid to the account holder of record only, two weeks after receiving weekly driving data. Data is uploaded daily. In real time via the app, displays how much earned. At the end of each week confirmation of upload data is needed; a check or transfer will be made to the account holder on record. Sign up with an electronic wallet, credit card or personal checking banking account to have money transferred for payment of services rendered as drivers will be 1099 and considered self-employed. Please follow all applicable employment laws and tax rules.

What do I do with my electronic wallet?

Sign up to have your electronic wallet linked to the free membership account at OnePlus1.com. Follow the prompts on screen for easy signing up.

How do I redeem my earnings?

Redeem earnings by having them transferred to the bank account from the electronic wallet.

How do I remove money from my electronic wallet?

OnePlus1 does not control the electronic wallet. Please contact the software vendor for proper instructions for removing money from the wallet.

Install Guidelines

Once membership account is approved, an install session is scheduled at a local installation station. All ads are installed by professionals. Vehicles are to be washed and cleaned (no wax) prior to appointment.

How is OnePlus1 different?

There isn't an ad agency quite like OnePlus1. Many companies have tried various methods to promote their respective brands utilizing vehicles. OnePlus1 is the first to leverage the rooftop of a vehicle to promote brand awareness. No, this isn't a big bulky raised cab sign, but an ad that's flat, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Can I chose the brand I want?

OnePlus1 is limited in what brands it can offer.

Do I get discounts for buying from the brand?

Yes the company offers discounts to its “concierge” driving team.

How do I share this with my network?

Word of mouth is OnePlus1 most successful method! The company does realize the impact of social media, which is why it has created the hashtag #OnePlus1.

Why is this offline ad network a benefit to me?

It's simple; vehicle owners benefit by being compensated to drive an advertisement during normal daily driving habits.

Who pays for the wear and tear on my vehicle?

OnePlus1 does not own “concierge” vehicles; thus, the company does not cover wear and tear related expenses.

What happens if my car gets stolen?

OnePlus1 does not provide insurance. Please check with insurance providers of vehicle owners to file a claim. Notify OnePlus1 immediately after notifying local authorities.

What if I don't have the initial deposit for the ad?

Having the initial deposit is required in order to install advertisements.

What if I don't have a credit card to sign up?

The “concierge” driving team is encouraged to have a credit card; however, OnePlus1 needs to link a checking account in place of the credit card.

I got an error saying my car doesn't qualify?

An error message requires contacting OnePlus1 via #800-351-5895 or email info@oneplus1.com

What happens if the ad is damaged from vandalism or an accident?

Notify OnePlus1 immediately after notifying local authorities. The deposit that opened the account pays for installation and removal of ads plus any damages.

Driving Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to inform law enforcement about the legal process for seeking records from OnePlus1. - (www.oneplus1.com/guidelines/basics)

How do I sign up?

Sign up using the link - (www.oneplus1.com/sign-up)

How do I find a location to install the ad onto my vehicle?

Find the nearest ad installation station - (www.oneplus1.com/installation)

How long can I carry the brand ad?

The agreement begins after installation of ad. Adhere to terms in the agreement until expiration.

How can people see the ad at night?

The ad contains high quality paint that has light reflecting material and illuminates under light.

Will this ad come off at freeway speeds?

No. The ad is installed by a team of professionals using high quality adhesives.

How do I report issues?

Email support at support@oneplus1.com

1. The advertisers who post brands offers any opportunity?

Yes. Drivers are signing agreements with OnePlus1 to earn disposable income in exchange for brand promotions.

2. How do I complete my member account profile?

Sign up here (www.oneplus1.com/sign-up) and update the membership account.

3. How do I get the advertising installed on my vehicle?

After the approval of the account membership, vehicle and insurance information, the ad installation session will be scheduled.

4. How many vehicles that I own may I use?

All qualified privately owned personal vehicles can be used.

5. Can I change my username?

The username is the email and/or phone number used to (www.oneplus1.com/sign-up). Log into the account and change or update information from the membership section.

6. How can I manage the brands I've used?

Simple, follow the easy to use interface to navigate to (www.oneplus1.com/brands/history) to review.

7. How can I change my password?

Use the forgot username or password link (link to the page) under “Sign In box”. Receive an email password reset link to email on record.

8. Can I download the app from App Store or Google Plus?

Yes, the app is integrated into IOS (hyperlink Apple) and Android (hyperlink Google) phones.

9. How can I contact the support team?

Simple, follow the easy to use interface to navigate to (www.oneplus1.com/support)